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Business re-energizes batteries

A recently opened business in downtown New Richmond offers its customers an alternative to discarding lead acid batteries.

Utilizing its unique process, Valley Battery Care LLC is able to reclaim, re-energize and reuse many under-performing or dead lead acid batteries, keeping them from needlessly entering the recycling waste stream.

According to company president Jerry Hallstrom, of River Falls, research shows the largest cause of lead acid battery failure is plate sulfation. This naturally occurring event insulates the battery plates, starving the battery to death.

Using a combination of environmentally safe, non-hazardous chemicals and "state of art" charging equipment, Valley Battery Care can reverse plate sulfation and return the battery to near new condition.

Independent laboratory testings confirm the benefits this combination of equipment and chemical can produce, Hallstrom said.

The company presently focuses on 12 volt "starter" batteries for automobiles, trucks and school buses.

Plans are to expand to deep cycle batteries for golf carts, commercial and industrial applications and material handling equipment batteries in the near future, Hallstrom said.

At Valley Battery Care, factory trained technicians inspect, test, diagnose and re-energize each mechanically sound battery. The re-energized "starter" battery carries a 12 month warranty, Hallstrom said.

In addition to reenergized batteries, the company also offers new Deka brand batteries. On-site pick up and delivery services are also offered.

For more information visit or e-mail at The company phone number is 715-441-6432.