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Attorneys donate services to River Falls firefighters

Shown, from left: Attorneys Margaret Kaiser and Max Neuhaus; fire chief Scott Nelson; volunteer fire fighters Mike O'Keefe and Brendan Johnson; and attorneys, Bridget Finke and Liz Rohl.

The St. Croix Valley Bar Association will host a series of estate planning clinics for area first responders starting Saturday, July 27, with the volunteer River Falls Fire Department.

The clinics, called "Wills For Heroes," provide a will, financial and health care power of attorney, and a living will to first responders and their spouses.

Over a dozen firefighters and their spouses will walk out of the clinic with their completed estate plans.

River Falls attorney Max Neuhaus felt that participation in the clinic was the right thing to do.

"I know that my contribution to this effort is going to make a real difference in the lives of these firefighters and their families," said Neuhaus.

River Falls Fire Chief Scott Nelson, welcomes the clinic, "It's great to see an organization such as the St. Croix Valley Bar Association recognize the efforts of our volunteer firefighters," he said.

"Our members come from all walks of life and many have done little or nothing with regards to estate planning. I appreciate having programs such as this to help out members of our community who serve unselfishly as firefighters".

Neuhaus estimates that providing these legal services would cost between $500 and $1,250 if billed at a normal hourly rate.

"The rules of professional conduct that guide attorneys include a commitment to provide pro bono service to the public," said Neuhaus. "Hosting these clinics demonstrates the commitment the attorneys of the the St. Croix Valley Bar Association have to providing this public service."

Wills For Heroes is made possible through a partnership of the national Wills For Heroes Foundation, the Wisconsin Bar Association and private donations.

First responders interested in hosting a Wills For Heroes Clinic or those interested in making a private donation should contact Neuhaus at 715-425-7281 for more information.