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Pizza delivery man takes one on the chin

People are impatient. People drink. The two combined can be volatile, especially if you're trying to make a delivery from Domino's Pizza, 118 N. Main St. According to police, that scenario was in place Tuesday evening, Feb. 16, at 1450 S. Wasson Lane. An upset 49-year-old man there was ticketed for punching a 27-year-old pizza delivery man in the face. Luckily, the victim said the blow didn't hurt because his attacker was too drunk.

A Domino's Pizza employee said a man who seemed intoxicated phoned for a pizza, was told it would be 45 minutes, but that he kept calling back before that time, asking where his pizza was and cussing.

After allegedly hitting the delivery man in the face, officers were summoned. While explaining himself, the suspect poked one of the officers in the shoulder with a finger and was quickly handcuffed.

The man admitted he was mad and profane about the slow delivery, but denied striking the victim. He was still given a $177 fine for causing the disturbance.

Look for more police news next week online and in the Feb. 24 print edition of the River Falls Journal.

Correction: An earlier version identified the business as Steve's Pizza. This was incorrect.