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Hospital foundation launches campaign

The River Falls Area Hospital Foundation will launch a new fundraising campaign to purchase a LUCAS Chest Compression System, the latest in life-saving cardiac technology, for the hospital's emergency department.

Community members will be contacted by mail and phone and will be invited to make a contribution to support the purchase of this state-of-the-art equipment.

"When it comes to heart attacks, quick treatment is crucial," explained Bob Gustafson, a local volunteer with the campaign. "The first 60 minutes are absolutely critical. That is why we are asking community members to join us by investing in a LUCAS device for our hospital."

Major trauma centers around the country have the system. The newest development in cardiac emergency care, the LUCAS performs chest compressions efficiently and effectively.

Also, the LUCAS frees caregivers' hands so they can perform other life-saving interventions, and is portable, so it can be used anywhere on the campus where there is a cardiac emergency.

Questions about the campaign can be directed to foundation director Heather Logelin at 426-4503 or