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Man's best friend may find this shop 'heavenly'

Jenny Gregorich can be found in her new downtown store called Poochieheaven, a dog owner's best local spot to find a variety of one-of-a-kind items. Vera Roy-Stoeberl photo

Dog owners might just want to stop in at Jenny Gregorich's newly established Poochieheaven, Luxury on a Leash, at 208 S. Main St.

Gregorich, a recent UW-River Falls graduate, still in the process of getting organized and settled this week, says her shop is open for business.

Curious customers have already stopped in to buy some of the unique and hard-to-find items crafted especially for man's and women's best friend.

Though new to River Falls, Poochieheaven is not new to the Internet.

"I bought (Poochieheaven) from a woman who started it online in 2005," said Gregorich. "I bought it in 2007," and has successfully continued the e-commerce business.

After graduating from UW-RF last May, Gregorich sought to bring the business "to life."

"I was looking for a small enough place to offer (Poochieheaven) to the public," Gregorich said. "This place is perfect for now."

Interest comes full circle

Gregorich, who was raised in Altoona and moved to River Falls to attend classes at the university, says she didn't start out hoping to be a businesswoman.

"I always wanted to be a vet," said Gregorich about her first-ever interests. She says she loves animals, especially dogs.

But after attending a university orientation, Gregorich changed her mind about the veterinarian pursuit.

"People always told me I'd be a good teacher," she said. And picked an educational career path instead. But when that didn't work out for her, she turned to e-commerce.

"My parents do a lot of e-commerce work, and when I learned about what it all involved, I begged my dad to let me set up a business of my own.

"I wanted to operate a shop and I wanted it to involve dogs."

Gregorich switched her major one more time and graduated with a major in business education and a minor in economics.

"I love e-commerce and I love dogs," said Gregorich, so Poochieheaven became a perfect fit.


Poochieheaven can be found in the downtown building that also houses Zaney Janey's, the Cutting Edge hair salon, Clearwater Center Electrolysis and Bob Waxing, and Custom Needle.

It offers, says Gregorich, those "...hard to find items" created especially for dogs. "I only know of one other shop similar to mine a half-hour away in Woodbury (Minn.)," she said.

"My focus is to sell high quality items that you can't find in Wal-Mart and Target type stores, or others like PetSmart or PetCo," Gregorich added.

"My best seller is dog tuxedos, dog nail polish," she began listing. "There's also dog puzzles which are for brain training and stimulation."

Gregorich explained that some dogs who need to burn extra energy love the dog puzzles, where treats are hidden inside the large plastic box, and dogs must use their "smarts" to locate the edible prize.

The shop also has a large variety of dog costumes and clothing, not only for Halloween, but also for winter. Dog beds in all shapes, sizes and colors are available, including a miniature couch complete with two pillows.

Another unique item are doggie bells -- jingle bells attached to a hanging strap which dogs paw at when they need to go outside.

"I also have very durable toys for those dogs that love to destroy everything," joked Gregorich.

She also added that most of her toys are manufactured in the United States and all the edible treats she sells are organic and natural.

Poochieheaven's hours are 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday.

To see more products Gregorich has to offer, go to her website:

To speak with the new business owner directly, call 715-271-4991 or send questions to