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She just may save the world with 26 steps

Having just returned from what she calls a "very meaningful trip" to Quito, Ecuador, Jaime Rambo wants to do all she can to spread news of a fast-growing educational program.

Rambo, who's lived in the River Falls area for four years, is a newly licensed educator with Brain Gym, a program she describes as "simple and profound."

"Brain Gym is a movement-based educational program centered around 26 lively, fun and simple activities that children naturally do their first years of life as they coordinate their eyes, ears, hands and whole body," says Rambo.

"These movements have been shown, through years of field studies, research reports and clinical experience, to teach learners the physical skill they need for academic success."

Though just licensed to teach Brain Gym at the end of 2007, Rambo, also a certified Montessori teacher, has known and used its practice for about the last 20 years.

She learned of it from friends who were also teachers.

Rambo explained Brain Gym's conception: In the 1980s in California, Dr. Paul Dennison, who has a Ph.D. in education, and his wife, a movement specialist, developed Educational Kinesiology/Brain Gym with help from other neurophysiologists, a sports kinesiologist and an optometrist.

"People of all ages use Brain Gym to bring about rapid and often dramatic improvements in their reading, writing, language and numerical skills," said Rambo. "Others have used Brain Gym to profoundly enhance the quality of their attention, concentration, communication, memory, organization, athletic performance and more."

Rambo also listed what she says anyone can accomplish using the Brain Gym routine.

People can "learn anything faster and more easily; perform better at sports; be more focused and organized; start and finish projects with ease; overcome learning challenges; and reach new levels of excellence."

Today, says Rambo, Brain Gym has been used in 80 countries around the world and its published method has been translated into 55 different languages.

Taking Brain Gym to South America

"My trip to Quito, Ecuador, has left me speechless, humbled and awed," said Rambo. "The purpose of flying south was to serve the community and support a program close to my heart.

"Like many countries, Ecuador (has) lost sight of their children as it struggles to survive dire poverty. In spite of underfunded schools and indifference, there are those who rise above...and take action.

"I was honored to assist in the teaching of Brain Gym, as a volunteer, to educators, parents and learning specialists alongside two...women, Brain Gym veterans Julie Gunstone (from Australia) and Carol Erickson, who lives in Florida."

Their introduction of Brain Gym was sponsored by the non-profit Ecuadorian Brain Gym Foundation, and involved over 3,000 children.

"Educational kinesiology changes lives because it affects one deeply and affords opportunity for optimal learning in every situation that arises," says Rambo. "Food and clothing are vital essentials as we all know. Brain Gym offers individuals a matrix for self-reliance, responsibility and clear thinking."

Rambo plans to return to Quito in September to repeat the program with a different group of children and will introduce Brain Gym to over 2,000 more educators from all over Ecuador.

Helping the world with Brain Gym

"I'm going to save the planet," said Rambo jokingly and seriously.

"I am offering, as a gift to the River Falls community, Brain Gym training for all the educators and the children in the public school system, home schools and private schools -- pre-school through high school."

As a Brain Gym educator, Rambo says she focuses first on the mental mechanics of learning, encoding and decoding language or writing the alphabet. Then, over time, she shows teachers and students the 26 targeted movements of Brain Gym.

Rambo wants teachers to know that by them implementing Brain Gym in their classrooms, whatever they are teaching will be enhanced.

She noted the simplicity of Brain Gym requires no equipment, no paperwork and can be done anywhere.

"You're just moving your body. That's the beauty of it," Rambo said.

To schedule a presentation or to talk with Rambo about Brain Gym, call her at 426-5343 or send an e-mail to

More information about Brain Gym can also be found on its Web site:

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